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Interesting Facts and Articles: 8 Creepiest Cemeteries Around The World

8 Creepiest Cemeteries Around The World

Here`s 8 creepiest cemeteries around the world. Although there is no logical explanation or evidence to support the existence of the ghost around those places, it is undeniable that these 8 places are very popular for the ghost activities.

8. St Louis Cemetery, New Orleans, Louisiana
Creepy Graveyard001 8 Creepiest Cemeteries Around the world

A Voodoo queen, Marie Laveau resides here. Sometimes, several people saw her sudden appearance and disappearance. St Louis Cemetery is known for the ghost activity since decades ago. In this place, The dead people are laid above the ground instead of buried inside it and than cemented inside crypt and tombs with concrete.That what make the cemetery different.

7. Resurrection Cemetery, Chicago, IL
Creepy Graveyard002 8 Creepiest Cemeteries Around the world

Resurrection Cemetery is a very beautiful cemetery located at the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Out of the beauty, this cemetery is popular for the infamous ghost of a young girl name Mary.Local people often called it the resurrection of Marry. Her ghost appearance has been seen since 1930s

6. Highgate Cemetery, Highgate, London UK

Creepy Graveyard003 8 Creepiest Cemeteries Around the world
This cemetery is opened since 1800s. This cemetery is registered in the English Heritage
Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest since that time. Most of The tombs are Gothic and it gave mystical aura to any one who visit it.Some eye witnesses saw undead people came out from one cemetery and touched them.Some of them even witnessed being attacked by vampire from this place

5.Stamps Cemetery (Witches Cemetery), Tennessee, US

Creepy Graveyard004 8 Creepiest Cemeteries Around the world

This cemetery is old, unconventional, creepy,located around backwoods and less popular. The tombstones are lined in Zig-zag pattern and some of those stones are marked with pentagrams. It is believed that those cemetery belong to dark witches. There are lots of eyewitness who saw strange appearance around the area

4.Old Jewish Cemetery, Josefov, Prague, Czech Republic

Creepy Graveyard005 8 Creepiest Cemeteries Around the world

This graveyard is the oldest Jewish cemetery in Europe and it already used since the early of 1400s. around 12,000 tombstones stand in this place and around 100,000 people buried here. Following Jewish believed, replacing or removing dead people from their tomb or reusing the graveyard is not allowed. To follow this believe, new extra soil are bought and placed above the old tomb. The result is 12 layers of soil can be find in this cemetery.This cemetery is also used as a resting place of Rabbi Judah Loew. He was the man who created a golem. He created golem to protect Jews people from persecution but then it grew out of control

3.La Noria Cemetery, Chili

Creepy Graveyard006 8 Creepiest Cemeteries Around the world
This cemetery is located in an abandoned mining town of La Noria, northern Chili. It is not well preserved and no longer used.Loads of paranormal activities can be find here and spread to la noria town.Loads of tombs are already opened and it is unclear whether it is caused by natural phenomena, thief or supra natural forces. One thing for sure, it is one of the creepiest area in the world and walking here at night is dangerous.

2.Les Catacombes, Paris, France

Creepy Graveyard007 8 Creepiest Cemeteries Around the world

It is one of the oldest, the biggest, the creepiest graveyard, and the most unique cemetery in the world. It is located under town of Paris and all those bones and skull are used to support the traffic, houses and people who do loads of bad things above it. Many supra natural activities happen here and it is not rare that some travelers who visit this labyrinth of dead people never returned to their family forever.

1.Greyfriars Kirkyard, Edinburgh, Scotland

Creepy Graveyard008 8 Creepiest Cemeteries Around the world
The burials is already used since 16th century. Outside the beauty, the graveyard is also known for the intense ferocious paranormal activities that attack around 500 witnesses who reported it since 2006 until 2010. Many of them came back from the graveyard with bruises and scratches. All these attack were attributed to the ghost of George Mackenzie who resides here. Mackenzie itself was An evil politician who killed 18,000 covenanter who disagreed with his policies.

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