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Signs the Dying Process Has Begun

The Journey Towards Death
Recognizing the Dying Process

The dying process usually begins well before death actually occurs.
Death is a personal journey that each individual approaches in their own unique way. Nothing is concrete, nothing is set in stone. There are many paths one can take on this journey but all lead to the same destination.

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Top 5 thoughts when leading a funeral procession. | little miss funeral

In my town, funeral processions are still a thing.

Now, I used to despise leading funeral processions, for the sole reason that I was unsure of myself. When you’re leading a large group of cars you want to make sure that you’re taking the easiest route and most importantly, that you don’t get lost. Being new to the business, I, of course, doubted my ability. But it’s like anything, and as time went on I became more comfortable and sure of myself. And today, leading a funeral is like second nature to me.

So last week as I was leading a procession from the funeral home to the cemetery, I took notice of some of the thoughts that went through my head during the journey. So now I’m going to share with you all the top 5 thoughts I have when I lead a funeral procession.

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Death sits in paradox. In it we find impossible co-mixtures of intrinsic opposites. Perhaps, this is why death is the muse of so many philosophers and theologians.

For example, in death we find the cohabitation of utter darkness and blinding light. The darkness of separation, of grief, of powerlessness; and yet the light of community, of togetherness and the power of love.

In death we find the conflicting desire for both words and silence. There’s everything to be said and yet nothing to be spoken.

We find the mixture of both the sacred and the profane. We curse, we fight within ourselves and without. Within the same breath, we both curse deity and praise the divine. In death, we find our most earthly reality and yet our most transcendent thoughts all jumbled together.

And in death, we find both the repulsive and the beautiful. This tension of paradox in death is perhaps nowhere more apparent in the gruesome and yet beautiful art of embalming.

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13 Death and Dying Superstitions | Dying, Funerals & Grief

While people generally view superstitions with mild amusement these days, it is amazing how many of us still knock on wood to avoid tempting fate, cross our fingers for luck, or avoid walking beneath a ladder “just in case.” Here are 13 superstitions concerning death and dying that persist today, and possible explanations of their origins. You may take them as seriously (or not) as you wish!

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Dying of Kidney Failure: What to Expect

If you have end stage renal disease, you may be wondering what it is like to die of kidney failure. Many people find it helpful to know what they can expect as they journey through the dying process. Whether you’ve suffered acute kidney failure in conjunction with another serious illness and have decided not to start dialysis, or if you have end-stage renal disease and have decided to discontinue dialysis, here is what you can expect going forward.

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CONFESSIONS OF A FUNERAL DIRECTOR » What NOT to do when you see a funeral procession

CINCINNATI — Two people were injured in a crash Wednesday afternoon involving a hearse in a funeral procession at Colerain Avenue and Banning Road.

Hamilton County dispatch said the driver of the hearse and a Catholic priest were injured around 1 p.m.

The hearse owned by Dalbert, Woodruff & Isenogle funeral home was driving along Banning Road to Arlington Memorial Gardens when it was struck crossing Colerain Avenue. Via WCPO

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