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CONFESSIONS OF A FUNERAL DIRECTOR » What NOT to do when you see a funeral procession

CINCINNATI — Two people were injured in a crash Wednesday afternoon involving a hearse in a funeral procession at Colerain Avenue and Banning Road.

Hamilton County dispatch said the driver of the hearse and a Catholic priest were injured around 1 p.m.

The hearse owned by Dalbert, Woodruff & Isenogle funeral home was driving along Banning Road to Arlington Memorial Gardens when it was struck crossing Colerain Avenue. Via WCPO

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What to Tell Children About Funerals - O'Connor Mortuary

We hear the debate about children being at funerals pretty often around here and while we always encourage people to bring their children, they don’t always agree with us. Well, to my surprise, in the book What Happens When Someone Dies? the question is never even addressed, it is just automatically assumed that children will be there and explains with a delicate, gentle and uncomplicated voice what the child will experience.

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